Effects Of Social And Cultural Factors On The Dropout Rate Of Children In Primary Schools In District Badin, Sindh Pakistan

Youaab Nayyar, Dr Ghulam Ali Jariko, Dr Shahabuddin Mughal


The educational status of Sindh, Pakistan is not very promising despite the huge expenditure on education, various incentives to the families and children to increase the enrolment in primary education and reduce the dropout rate in primary schools but the goal of universal primary education has not been achieved. In the study, socio-cultural factors and belief are explored using previous research works and their relationship on the dropout rate was assessed using scatter plots and Pearson’s Correlation. The impact of these factors was also measured on the dropout rate in the study area using multiple linear regression. It is found that socio-cultural factors as determined by the study are significantly related to the dropout rate of children in the primary education in study area. To improve the condition of enrolment and dropout rate in Badin socio-cultural factors pertaining to local community must be considered along with the economic factors.

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