Parental Acceptance-Rejection, Parental Control And Juvenile Delinquency In Youth: An Analytic Study Of Hyderabad And Karachi

Farhat Jokhio, Dr Nagina Parveen Soomro, Dr Ghazala Shoukat


The present study was conducted to examine the relationship between parental –acceptance-rejection, parental control and Juvenile delinquency. The sample was comprised of juvenile delinquents (n=100), and normal adolescents (n=100). A sample of juvenile delinquents was randomly selected from Juvenile Jail, Central Jail Hyderabad and Central Jail Karachi. PARQ/Control Questionnaire (Imam, 1999) and Self-reported Delinquency Scale (Naqvi, 2007) were administered on the sample. Participants of the study were interviewed as well as scales were administered individually and questions were read out for delinquents. Normal adolescents filled questionnaires by themselves. It was hypothesized that there would be significant differences between the scores of Juvenile delinquents and normal adolescents on parental acceptance-rejection questionnaire (PARQ/Control scale); juvenile delinquents would score high on Self –reported Delinquency scale as compared to normal adolescents. Pearson correlation and t-test were computed to test the hypotheses. Results of the study found significant mean differences between the scores of delinquents and normal adolescents on all sub-scales of parental acceptance-rejection questionnaire (PARQ/C), indicating that Juvenile delinquents have perceived their both parents( Mother, Father), as more rejecting, neglecting and aggressive as compared to normal adolescents. Findings revealed strong relationship between permissive parenting style or less parental control with the delinquency. Results of the present research investigation have shown consistency with universal claims of parental acceptance- rejection theory and its relationship with the delinquency and behaviour problems among adolescents.

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