Intolerance Among Youth And Its Impacts On Pakistani Society: Sociological Analysis Of Urban Sindh

Dr Ameer Ali Abro, Dr Aazadi Fateh, Dr Naima Saeed


Currently, Pakistani society is in the phase of paradigm shift. It is encountering changes in cultural norms, values and social fabric. Further it is viewed that the manifest acts of jealousy, revenge, racism, social injustice, and frustration in the society are common. Violent, aggressive and intolerant behaviour is frequently observed and experience on the streets, roads, markets, offices and other common places. (Mushtaq. M, Kiyani, M.M., 2013). While moving around in different areas, places or cities of country, the youth can be found on the streets with different aggressive behaviours. That shows the level of increased intolerance. It raises various questions about the causes, correlates and consequences. The present study is focused on Karachi city as research universe. Researcher made efforts to find out correlations of increasing intolerance level among the youth of urban Sindh. Explanatory and exploratory research approaches have been performed. The Qualitative research method was applied. Major source of data collection were five focus group discussions with different stakeholders and five in-depth interviews. The research answered the following research questions. (1) What is relationship between political, religious and socio-economic factors with intolerance among youth living in urban areas of Pakistan? (2) What is the role of electronic, print and social media for promotion of intolerance among youth in urban areas of Pakistan? (3) How can we control/manage the intolerance among youth of urban areas of the country? The results explored that urban society is suffering from high level of failures of social institutions, therefore existing push and pull factors leading the urban youth towards increased intolerance level. According to results unemployment, religious extremism, ethnicity, and political relationships are major causes of intolerance among youth in urban areas and play role as push factors. On another hand Print, electronic and social media are plying their part as pull factors towards increasing intolerance level among youth in urban areas of Sindh as well as Pakistan. This finding will be helpful to understand the problem of violence, aggression and crime in our society. The paper advocates that preventative measures should be taken to handle these critical issues.

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