Water And Energy Security For Pakistan A Retrospective Analysis

Waseem Ishaque, Dr Saima Shaikh


The water resources in Pakistan are sharply declining due to average annual increase in population and the changing geo-political landscape. The long term resolution lies in cautious expenditure of water and consciousness to preserve. This resource consciousness ultimately derives strategies for better management of water and its associated usage as both together can have far reaching effects for consumption of water and its use for electricity production as mainstay of Pakistan’s energy needs. The authors have made an earnest endeavor to notify the significance of fresh water, rapid depletion of its resources and the serious hazards affiliated with this phenomenon. The research paper encompasses a detailed evaluation of available statistics of water flow in the river system, its storage in glaciers and manmade reservoirs. The paper also dilates upon challenges linked with climate change, water shortages, insufficient storage capacities and weak management of available resources. Towards the end, the author has offered a way forward to make best use of available resources and ensure water security in the country. This is an academic undertaking; therefore, the views articulated in the article are those of the authors

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