An Exploratory Analysis Of Pakistan Tourism Market: Its Present Scenario, Issues, Challenges And Future Prospects

Mohammed Nassim Mustafa Alasttal, Muhammad Bux Burdey


Tourism industry is a catalyst to bring socio-economic wellbeing to the massis particularly in the developing countries. The main objective of this paper is to examine the issues and challenges faced by Pakistan Tourism Market (PTM) through the application of SWOT (Strength, weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis. One of the greatest strengths of PTM is found to be enriched cultural heritage and availability of quality tourist products and services at economical rate. However, the chief weakness is said to be untrained & unskilled labor force, and poor tourist infrastructure. Whereas, the most serious threat to PTM is worsening law & order situation, and political instability. It was further found that Pakistan has the tremendous opportunities in its tourism industry which can be capitalized, therefore, government should put tourism market at priority with respect to allocation of adequate budget to build tourism infrastructure and to devise focused promotional strategies to uplift the image of Pakistan as an attractive tourist destination.

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