An Empirical Analysis Of Problems Faced By Foreign Students And Their Impacts On Foreigner’s Admission: A Case Study Of Jamshoro Education City

Samiuddin Shaikh


This study aims to identify the problems faced by foreign students in Jamshoro Education City. There are three universities in Jamshoro Education City which are MUET (Mehran University of Engineering and Technology), LUHMS (Liaquat University of Health and Medical Sciences) and University of Sindh. In these three universities, ten to fifteen foreign countries students are studying in different departments, so for knowing the intake of admissions of foreign students either increasing and decreasing from 2001-2009 and Identification of foreign student’s problems aids management to over grave challenges of educational sectors to facilitate international students. Problem refers to a complex situation which cripples mentality of foreign students, whereas problem solving has needed the performance in the shape of information, decision making and actions for solve the problems easily without any huge lose. This research proposes changes can be incorporated at Jamshoro Education City. In this research problems have been identified by using the frame work which includes the views of different authors. The components of framework are Cultural problems, Language Problems, Infrastructure Problems and Food Problems. This research analyzes the current educational systems of universities and adopting new trends to improve this educational system of universities. In addition these admission trend lines elaborate those reasons which caused foreign students to leave the Jamshoro Education City, due to certain problems, will also be studied. The study also discusses the  mismanagement of these kinds of problems may affect the intake of foreign students at Jamshoro Education City into decline.

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