An Empirical Analysis Of The Determinants To The Employee Job Satisfaction In Private Corporate Sectors Of Pakistan

Aisha Bashir Shah


The level of employee job satisfaction is central in the human resource management within private sector corporations. This is because employee job satisfaction has a direct bearing on an individual employee’s productivity, the quality of the products and services rendered, and overall organizational performance. The primary objective of this study is to test the relevance and influence of five facets (i-e pay, promotion, co-worker, supervision, work environment) on the employee job satisfaction in private corporate sectors of Pakistan. The results show that out of five facets, four (i.e. pay, promotion, supervision and work environment) are significantly and positively related with job satisfaction of employees in the private sector corporations of Pakistan. Work environment was found to be the most significant factor in determining employee job satisfaction, followed by pay package. However, co-worker variable was not found significantly associated with employee job satisfaction. Finally, it is evidenced that the overall employees working in private sector corporations of Pakistan had a moderate level of satisfaction with the five facets of job satisfaction.

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