Analysis Of Lean Production

Dr.Saima Kamran Pathan, Dr.Hakim Ali Mahesar, Dr.Sobia Shah


 There has been a polarized debate about Lean Production that whether it is humanizing or dehumanizing production system. The aim of the study is to find flaws in Lean Production. As Lean Production was considered a successful post-industrial system until the late 1980s, but 1990s appeared as an era of mixed response, from which questions were raised against its negative sides. This study supports the issue of dehumanizing Lean Production System. In the beginning, the system was appreciated for its approach towards workers and its flexibility. However, in early 1990s the system came under much of the criticism. Toyota Production System or Lean Production was for a long time been believed as a method which had humanized the workplace by employee involvement techniques such as empowerment, participation and teamwork. However recent studies suggest that Lean Production is a dehumanizing method of production which carries on the tradition of worker exploitation for production. However, it seems to disguise itself under the concept of employee involvement and empowerment.

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