Chinese Involvement in Africa and Its Impact on United States

Majid Ali Noonari


China has been actively involved in the African continent since long time to fulfill its energy demands as today China import more than 30 percent of oil from Africa continent. To achieve those interests China has been assisting the states financially and building their infrastructure and investing in energy sector. With the increasing involvement of the China in Africa, United States feels that China is trying to occupy the continent for future conflict. As far as their trade has been concerned China replaced United States as number one trading partner of Africa, which has underlined the US influence, as Africa is now looking for Chinese power as its financial support demands only the Chinese access to their markets and energy corridors whereas United states has been involved in the political matters of the African states since long time. So Chinese involvement in the region has weakened the US influence which has made China an influential state which will control the future African energy resources.

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