Pak-Japan Relations: A Multi-Dimensional Engagement

Ishrat Abbasi, Mukesh Kumar Khatwani


Japan being one of the key players in the arena of international politics has played a crucial role in bringing the stability and peace in Pakistan. Japan and Pakistan have been enjoying strong affable relations for the last 60 years, this affiliation witnesses a multi-dimensional engagements and development in the present and multifaceted prospects for the future. Since 1954 Japan has been extending its support to Pakistan in various fields such as peace & security, trade & economy, and social welfare & relief efforts especially aftermath of the devastating earthquake in 2005 and recent super floods in 2010 and 2011.The story of successful, robust and cordial relationship between the two countries has contributed a lot to the earnest efforts at the both ends. This paper attempts to assess the security & political, trade & economic, and socio-cultural relations between the two. Furthermore, this paper also attempts to highlight strengths and weaknesses of both the countries i.e. Pakistan is very rich in terms of resources but lacks advanced technology; on the contrary Japan is well equipped with advanced technologies but lacks resources. Therefore, both the countries can benefit a lot in areas such as agriculture, mining, energy and infrastructure by establishing cordial relations and mutual cooperation.

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