Filipino Women Labor Migrants’ Segregation in Service Sector as Domestic Workers

Dr. Naima Tabassum, Huma Tabassum, Tabassum Afzal


This paper focuses on Filipino women labor migrants, with special focus on their segregation in service sector as domestic workers in international labor market. The paper is based on the data taken from publically available official records of the Philippines government and analyzed and interpreted by the researcher for the purpose of this paper. It is argued that women comprise a large part (i.e. 62%) of total Filipino labor migrants during the period of 2001 to 2009. They leave Philippine to join the international labor market in various work sectors. But the majority of these women (i.e. 55.8%) are segregated in service work. Within service sector, the majority of these women (i.e. 63%) are migrating as domestic workers.

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