Problems in Sociological and Social Science Research: A Case of Developing Countries with special Focus on Pakistan

Dr. Hamadullah Kakepoto, Dr. Ahmed Ali Brohi


Research is considered a key domain for addressing and solving the key social, economic, and management problems. Sociology is named as the queen of social sciences because of its diversity and heterogeneity of subject matter. Although the main focus of sociology is on society in general but no society survives until and unless it has managerial skills. The focus of sociology is humans as social animals. As a result, in theory and practice it is very difficult applying all research and theoretical analogies to all without considering the relevant managerial, societal, psychological, geographical, and sociological set-up. The reason behind this view is that the research and theories conducted in developed world happens not to be at par applicable across the board. In theory and practice the best ever research conducted or theory developed in the developed world seems to be not as useful in the developing or underdeveloped world as in developed world. Majority of standard books on sociology and social science subject, are written and published in USA but sometimes, it is very difficult to apply their theories and practice in the local context of the developing world. As a result, the researchers from developing world feel exhausted especially when they are in the process of developing theoretical models for their respective researches. In this paper attempt has been made to discuss some of the problems in application from this part of the world and their possible solutions overcoming those particular problems.


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