Educator Training System in Germany and Its Adoption Prospects in Pakistan for Development of Quality Educators.

Dr. Muhammad Shafi Messo, Safia Khatoon Mesa


Teacher training system as transcribed through assessment system in the field of education adopted by Germany is definitely valid in Pakistan, if subsequent procedures are adopted which include 1) selection of teacher on the basis of graduation as minimum qualification for PST in addition to 3 years professional training on teaching methods and classroom management. In case of elementary and higher secondary classes, the teacher must have to get one-year specialization for these levels of class. The evaluation of candidates intend to enter teaching profession, must be of international standard and candidate’s examination should be based on several descriptive and objective type tests. After appointment of teachers, a follow-up system should be introduced to assess the teaching quality and other classroom approaches of teacher, satisfaction of students etc. Working conditions for teachers at school level needs significant improvement mainly by designating positive and constructive administration that swiftly facilitate the classroom manager and other elements for efficient classroom management. The posting of teacher should be well away from his native place enabling him to focus his teaching assignments rather to be a part of family problems. Highly efficient teachers need to be ranked for salaries and other financial incentives and a fair system may be developed so that motivated and efficient teachers are rewarded and the teachers who are not working on target should be administratively punished by curtailing the allowances or stopping annual increments. Additional incentives and allowances for posting at difficult/isolated places may be given to the teachers for motivation and improving the sense of responsibility and achieving the desired results in relation to effective learning of the students. The survey results also showed that the teachers in education profession are positive and motivated to work, but the working conditions hinder to successful destiny to this effect. The respondents agreed that they may be trained effectively on the patterns described in the German teacher preparation system, but the weaker foundation of the teaching strength is perhaps causing lack of confidence, motivation towards the effective job. A vertical administrative redress has also been suggested by the respondents; while the menace of corruption in the system and negative role of teacher associations needs to be eradicated.

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