Determining the Impact of Service Quality on Students’ Satisfaction in Public Sector Universities of Thailand: An Empirial Approach

Dr. Bahadur Ali, Dr. Naimatullah Shah, Shahnawaz Mangi


The present study empirically investigates the impact of service quality through administrative quality, transformative quality, physical environment quality, core educational quality, and support facilities quality on students’ satisfaction. Grounded on an extensive literature review, a conceptual framework has been formulated. For testing such framework, the data was collected from different public sector universities of Thailand. 500 questionnaires were randomly distributed among bachelor students of public sector universities of Thailand. The researchers received 240 filled samples with a response rate of 48%. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21.0 for windows software was used as a main tool for data analysis. After cleaning the data, 227 valid samples were further processed. The overall reliability of instrument is 0.89 while, individuals’ factor reliability is detected as adequate. The results of Pearson’s correlation and multiple regression analysis show that the service quality (transformative quality, core educational quality, physical environment quality, support facilities quality, and administrative quality) have a positive and significant relationship with the students’ satisfaction in Thailand. The findings of such study may be beneficial for policy makers for knowing the reasons (factors) for satisfying and encouraging the students. In addition to it, this study may contribute to the literature of developing countries especially for the Thai context for further conceptualizing the service quality and students’ satisfaction.

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