Chinese Meditation Practices of Zen Masters and Its Impact on Far East & South Asian Countries Towards the Restoration of Peace and Serenity with Special Focus on Pakistani Society: A Vision Towards Extremism Eradication

Dr. Hamadullah Kakepoto, Dr. Santosh Kumar, Dr. Salman Bashir


Chinese Zen masters have been very famous in mediation practices to relieve the people from frustration, depression, schizophrenia and many multifaceted obsessive disorders. It is due to these meditative practices that Chinese people have revolutionized their lives in every field and its proof is growing blossomed human resources in the world. This research paper is scholarly attempt to understand how these mediation practices have transformed the Chinese people and how these practices have entered in the Far East countries with special focus on Pakistani communities. No doubt education has been a strong weapon towards the betterment of human beings but it would not be wrong to claim that with advancement of science and technologies, there have been parallel worries, tensions and depressive trends in the world which have brought chaotic situation in the world. In the wave of growing extremism, this research paper will enlighten the minds of scholars with certain tools and techniques to imbibe the true pleasure of being human beings. Ceratin groups in Pakistan have been adopting these meditative practices such as Birma Kumaris, Hindu communities and some Paris people who have brought drastic changes in their lives and they are living their live up to full potential free from worries and depression. In this research, a sample of 50 people has been contacted to know their previous lives, present lives and the responses from these people have been very positive. The respondents have acknowledged 180 degree turn in their previous and present lives. In this research paper it has been recommended to introduce these mediation practices so that youngsters who are the architect of Pakistani nation should be internally reformed to pace parallel with other Far East countries in socio economic fields.

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