The Role of Psychological and Contextual Factors to Entrepreneurial Intentions

Sajjad Dino Shah, Dr. Naimutullah Shah


The study aimed to investigate the psychological and contextual factors towards entrepreneurial intention of Chinese universities undergraduate and master students. The empirical quantitative research proposed a conceptual model on the basis of previous literature. The data were collected through survey base method of four universities form China and we received 244 complete questionnaires. The result proved that psychological factors, innovativeness and risk taking positively related with entrepreneurial intentions. One psychological variable locus of control showed insignificant association with entrepreneurial intentions of the students. Furthermore, contextual factor, educational support and structural support positively correlated with entrepreneurial intentions. The findings of this research show that students posses higher in relation of entrepreneurial intentions. This study will give imminent to future strategy makers and planners to consider about this young generation to use their capability and potential. They can plan a policy which gives them a platform to maximize their creative and innovative ideas.

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