Motivational Practices of Head Teachers: A Case for Secondary Schools in Sindh Province

Dr. Muhammad Ather Hussain, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, Dr. Mumtaz Khawaja


The main purpose of this research is to evaluate motivational practices of head teachers at Secondary School level with special reference to Sindh Province. The nature of institutional environment and academic climate is dependent upon leadership and internal management. For this study, the descriptive survey design was adopted. All the Secondary Schools of Sindh Province were chosen as the population, while 200 Heads from these schools were selected as the sample of the study. Different instruments including interview guide and questionnaire were constructed for the data collection. The validity of these tested through pilot study, conducted under this study. The approach used for testing the validity was test-retest approach, involving the administration of instrument twice to the same selected group of respondents. The study concludes that the teachers’ recognition resulted into increased performance of teachers. Similarly, the shared leadership is an effective tool, having positive effect on motivation level of teachers. The opportunities for personal and professional growth of teachers have positive influence on teachers’ performance and their motivation level. The recommendations for head teachers to revisit their motivational practices have been put forward in order to assure data led academic practices.

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