Co-Curricular Activities and Their Impact on Learning Process of Students in Secondary Schools

Dr. Muhammad Shafi Messo, Safia Khatoon Messa, Kaniz Fatima Mesa


This study was performed to investigate the impact of co-curricular activities on the leaning process of students in secondary schools, using the male and female students of government and private secondary schools of Tandojam District Hyderabad. A sample size of 80 was managed, by selection of 10 boys and 10 girls of 10th class from each of four schools as experimental and same number of the students from the same schools of the same gender as control group. The results revealed that pre-test score of experimental and control group boys of government secondary schools was 62.10±5.70 and 62.50±5.64, government secondary schools for girls 62.50±6.30 and 62.20±6.35; private secondary schools boys 63.60±5.81 and 63.90±6.90, private secondary schools girls 63.40±5.46 and 63.10±5.01, respectively. In most cases the differences for pre-test score between experimental and control group were non-significant (P>0.05). The post-test results show that score of experimental and control group boys of government secondary schools was 65.82±9.12 and 63.12±5.69, government secondary schools girls 66.26±7.13 and 63.27±5.99, private secondary schools boys 67.42±11.01 and 64.98±6.41, private secondary schools girls 68.92±10.12 and 67.73±5.72. It was concluded that taking part in the co-curricular activities showed highly positive impact on the mental capacities and capabilities of the boys and girls of the government and private secondary schools. The post-test scores showed a significant and positive impact of participation in co-curricular activities and the students who took part in these activities scored significantly (P<0.05) higher than the control groups. The overall performance in the post-test result of the experimental group was remarkably better than the control group boys and girls.

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