Strategy to Create Job Opportunities in Less-Developed Countries Case study of Afghanistan and Bangladesh

Ghulam Murtaza Shah, Khalil-ur-Rehman Bhatti, Haji Ahmed Solangi


The problem of unemployment in less developed countries has been arduous challenge and carnage of life. The main objective of this research study is to find the factors for generating employment opportunities in less developed countries and to formulate effective strategy on the basis of those factors that could be implemented to overcome the problem of unemployment. This research is conducted through collecting secondary data. The secondary data has been collected from the books of development economics, World Bank, UNDP, IMF publications and various research articles. The conclusion is drawn from the above research studies that effective strategies for reducing unemployment should properly be formulated, implemented and evaluated which will help people prospering their live under growing economic conditions and globalization will ever experience an example of global apartment where poor will become no poorer and less developed countries will be parallel to developed countries.

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