Digital Writing in English Language Writing Instruction

Yee Bee Choo, Kee Li Li


Our students in twenty-first century are highly digital literate. The widespread use of technologies such as smart phones, tabs and so on have influenced the way they learn in writing. Students nowadays prefer literacy in digital rather than print form. Teaching writing is challenging as students often find it boring and tedious if it is taught traditionally. Therefore, teachers need to incorporate technology into teaching writing. This study explores the use of digital writing to enhance students’ learning in writing essays as well as motivate them to write and share their ideas with others. It was conducted as a case study among eight student teachers at an Institute of Teacher Education in Malaysia. Through the analyses of students’ work, reflective journal writing and interview, the findings illustrate a clear preference by the students towards digital writing approach than the traditional writing in print form. The approach of digital writing encouraged more writing process on the part of student teachers with others and in turn, encouraged a collaborative learning environment and their motivation in writing. It is recommended as an alternative approach to teach English language writing to the students.

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