An exploration of the literary stylistic analytical techniques of postmodernism in Paulo Coelho’s novel: The Alchemist

Muhammad Hassan Khoso, Abdul Hameed Panhwar, Sanaullah Ansari


The literary stylistic techniques are the techniques of rhetorical use of literary terms used by the writer for variety and novelty. The main purpose of this study is to illustrate the various literary stylistic techniques employed by postmodern writers, especially, novelists and the same techniques have been used by Paulo Coelho in his novel ‘The Alchemist’. ‘The Alchemis’t, one of the world’s best-seller, translated into 80 languages, was written by Paulo Coelho, in 1988. He is the most prolific novelist and lyricist of Brazil. The novel consists of the journey of wondering boy Santiago who travels from Andalusia (Spain) to Pyramid of Egypt, in pursuance of his recurrent dream, the dream which he experiences repeatedly over a long period. The novel is analysed through qualitative method. The researchers have analyzed the data in the light of postmodern literary stylistic theories.

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