Motivation or Lack of Motivation: A Case Study of Intermediate English Book I of Sindh Text Book board

Fozia Chandio, Benazir Chandio


This paper discusses Intermediate English Book I of Sindh Text Book board, Pakistan, and explores, the motivational force of the book or the major cause of lack of motivational force, to the readers, if exists . The research paper begins with the introduction of the textbook and problem in it faced by the teachers and students. The study has been conducted by employing the perspective of Readers’ Response Criticism, which determines how a work affects its reader. The tool of methodology used in the research was qualitative. The data was collected through interview, based on ten questions. The representative sample size was ten English teachers-all females. The sampling technique was simple random. The population of interest for my study was 15 female English Teachers in Government Girls’ Degree College Larkana, where as the theoretical population is all English teachers those who teach XI English textbook-I in Sindh, Pakistan. The researcher received high response, which supported the hypothesis. Therefore, the study recommends that the XI English textbook-I should be revised, updated and related to the current and general issues of the readers, so that it may create motivation for both teachers and students.

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