Dr. Muhammad Shafi Messo, Safia Khatoon Mesa, Kaniz Fatima Mesa, Dr. Muhammad Bux Burdey


Teacher always passes through challenges and teaching is a profession to be dealt gently and sensibly. Hence, only adequately trained teachers with entire motivation can shoulder this nation building responsibility who knows the value of professionalism in teaching. In Sindh province the educational scenario is not encouraging one and apart from the increasing opportunities for teacher training and handsome salary packages in the government schools, the teaching quality is deteriorating. The teacher needs dedication and determination for continuation in his learning process during his service as well as who intend to enter this profession. It felt imperative to analyze the extent of success at teacher training institutions for the development of professionally strong teachers. Although the development of teacher training institutions is visible in regards to their enrolled strength, but the teacher output at school level is not promising. This showed that the there is lack of interest and motivation among the teachers even who got teacher training at these institutions. Probably the teacher trainers do not consider the impact assessment on their trainees and motivation among them during and after training; while simply awarding teacher training completion certificate is not the solution of the problem. It is no doubt the teachers do not obtain teacher training for their development, but they achieve training certificate for their job confirmation and salary increment. Moreover, there is no assessment of teacher’s skill for quality teaching and evaluation of the performance at school level through student examination. It seems inefficiency contribution of teacher training institutions may be little, but better to investigate, if something wrong with the institutions. The analysis determines that quality minds for teaching profession are not being selected and merit is not being considered for appointment of teachers, particularly in the primary school level teachers. There is need for trained and motivated teachers with sense of responsibility; while the teacher recruitment criteria need to be improved. The psychiatrists should have a role in selection process; while the periodic evaluation of the teachers needs to be strictly practiced. If the problem is at school level teaching of the trainee teachers, then this associates with the recruitment of poor people for this profession; while the need is to appoint quality minds for high skilled profession.

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