Evolving Strategic Landscape Exploring Opportunities For Pakistan

Dr. Waseem Ishaque, Dr. Akber Mahesar, Capt. (R) Ghulam Azfar Mahesar


For over two centuries, the West dominated the world. ‘The New World Order’ in post ‘Cold War’ era gave further preeminence to the United States, which exclusively dominated the global economics, politics, science, and culture, therefore, preordained to lead the world. However, the geostrategic landscape changed dramatically since the unfortunate incidents of 9/11 and US deflection towards Afghanistan, Iraq and changes taking place around wider Middle East as a result of Arab Spring. The events following US led war on terrorism provided space to fast pace economic development of China what is generally referred as China’s peaceful rise. Secondly, Russian resurgence and rise of regional economic blocks like BRICS, European Union (EU) and ASEAN which represent the larger blocks on the globe suggest that uni-polarity does not have the stamina to sustain itself any longer and the world is fast moving towards multi-polarity and era of economic integration, interdependence and common development. The evolving strategic milieu brings enormous opportunities for Pakistan as rising powers and economic blocks are favorably poised towards Pakistan. However, it is preconditioned on the premise of correct positioning and right type of foreign policy choices made through proactive planning and active diplomacy.

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