The Emergence of Online Journalism In The World

Ms. Wirsha Shahid Uddin Uddin, Dr. Fouzia Naz


This article explores the emergence of new media in the world that how online media with the collaboration of social media is ruling over other media in the world and how people are adopting it. Online media deals with the nature of interactivity and immediacy on demand of availability because people find more flexibility with it. (Rajendran,2014). The online media form is as like digital media where it contains and combines integrated data, sound, text, photos, videos, gif files and a lot more. (Flew, 2002) As in online media, the style of storytelling has dramatically changed with the tool of hypertext, interactivity, immediacy, convergence, and multimedia. In the world, online journalism enhanced e-commerce expanded business and emphasized on career oriented and interesting things in an entertaining and infotainment way. New media invites people to come and join with the help of its versatility not only this but also rapid update and follow up as well, it has changed the environment with the vast help of convergence and enhanced technology. New media news or information is currently creating new space on the spectrum of information provision which also provokes general interest. In this theoretical context, the article pays attention towards the new evolution of alternative media in different countries.

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