Dr. Farhat Nisar, Ms. Ume Farwa, Dr. Samina Nadeem


Allah(Hussain,1998).and the Shariah is all about the instructions of Islam (Nasr2003, p. 75). Concept of faith in Islam calls Iman which works like an internal state of satisfaction that all followers strive for but only few achieve. This understanding of religion itself can be an indication to fear and love of Allah which leads to more complete submission and true peace of lasting purity’’ (Husain 1998, p. 282). In Quran several verses described the spiritual Impacts of the teachings of Islam” The Quran says (13:28): ‘‘Verily the satisfaction of hearts lies in the Remembrance of Allah” The qualities of spiritual believers are described. ‘‘But as for those who feared to stand before their Lord and controlled their souls from desire,! The Garden will be their home (Quran 79:40–41)”. “And those who submit their wills, they are those truly on the right path (Quran, 72:14)”.This feeling of reward and guidance creates patience in sufferings. Islamic belief and prayers can produce spiritual energy that may be effective in resolving many psychological problems, such as stress, anxiety, tension and anger and aggression which can cause harm the patient as well as the other people in surroundings. Islamic beliefs and prayers can also be integrated into mainstream healing of religious and social affairs of society. This integration can help to activate, transform, and invigorate the process of peace at both individual and social level. This paper provides methods that can be used for the explicit integration of Islamic beliefs and prayers with self satisfaction and social peace.

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