Revisit Benazir Income Support Programe With Reference to European Welfare Model and Its Impact on Society

Mr. Muhammad Ali Pasha, Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Prof. Dr. Saleem Rahopota


This paper will define how Benazir income support program got its momentum in order to cope up with economic challenges faced by lower strata of woman in our society. At the same time it will provide how European welfare system differs from Benazir Income support program. The main goal is to reduce poverty in Pakistan through BISP. So this comparison will give us a pragmatic and logical roadmap to help BISP to work more efficiently. In 2008, Pakistan set up Benazir's Income Support Program for Poverty Reduction. The fundamental motivation behind BISP is to give unqualified cash exchange to the poorest family units in Pakistan to enhance their economic factor and utilization of resources. To accomplish this objective, it is imperative that money exchanges be given straightforwardly to ladies to guarantee that the cash spent is planned. Since Coordinating these exchanges straightforwardly to ladies can empower ladies to expand the assets of family units under their control. While the Anglo-Saxon resembles BISP working in the UK and Ireland. The objective of the Anglo- Saxon state is to give social assurance or advantages to all who require the social help framework. In this examination,the two projects contrast with each other in various nations to decide the effect on neediness decrease. In the wake of investigating the auxiliary information, it worked out that BISP has accomplished its objective and has more noteworthy quality than the Anglo-Saxon model in the UK and Ireland.

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