Characterization of Wheat protein (Albumin) in different varieties of wheat cultivated in Sindh through SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis



14 selected wheat varieties were analyzed for quantification and characterization using SDS-PAGE technique. Significant difference (P<0.05)found in Albumin concentration among the selected wheat varieties of Sindh having ranged (17.03 - 22.36).The highest concentration of albumin found in variety Sindh-90 while lowest concentration seen in varietyTJ-83. The electrophoretic patterns of molecular weight of Albumin ranged between 08- 72kDa,The highest banding pattern was seen in variety Kiran and Khirman with 14 bands whereas lowest banding pattern as seen in varieties Soghat with 13 bands while lowest banding pattern seen in varieties Sarsabz, Khirman, and Mehran having 09 bands. 12kDaproteinsare was common in all varieties except Sarsabz, Jouhar and GP-256 however 72 kDa proteins are common in all varieties. There is no any relation found in concentration and banding pattern in Albumin protein(r= -0.08664).Cluster analysis shows the similarity and dissimilarities of the albumin proteins pattern was carried out on the results of SDS-PAGE using the statistics software SPSS 19.Cluster analysis based on the linkage distance by the procedure of Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic average (UPGMA). Cluster analysis, sorting the wheat varieties into 02 major groups (lineages) at linkage distance 25.
Albumin protein known to be the most important proteins causative of immediate hypersensitivity reactions to the Wheat. Bakers’ asthma is a distinctive condition in which flour protein (mainly water soluble protein) reacts with serum IgE as a result of inhalation of particles of wheat flour.

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