Factors Affecting Software Quality in Legacy Software Life Cycle Models for Emerging Professionals



The next generation computer technology facilitates humans to work efficiently through computer machines. These machines need Quality software to perform required tasks appropriately. The Quality of software exhibits the characteristics of the software product, which can be achieved through various processes performed during software development lifecycle. When software is designed and built not following standard processes, eventually results in more chances of its failure. Sometimes, the chance of software failure increases because of having not well enough testing. To avoid failure of software, it is very much necessary to design and build the software using effective, standardized approaches and suitable software development models. This paper finds and identifies the key factors that may cause degradation of software quality and make software quality a challenging issue during the legacy software development lifecycle. The work is done with a survey conducted from development teams involved in the development of software in local cities of Pakistan. The survey results reveal the key factors and areas that affect software Quality in development lifecycle for emerging professionals in Pakistan.

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