Identification of Dependencies in Task Allocation during Distributed Agile Software Development



There is a growing interest for Distributed Agile Software Development (DASD) in software industry due to multiple benefits such as availability of resources, low development cost, changeability and customer satisfaction. Carrying out DASD poses a challenge of effective task allocation, which requires active coordination between dispersed teams. Effective coordination can be achieved by identifying and managing dependencies in DASD environment. To understand the task allocation complexity due to dispersed teams at different sites, we identify different types of dependencies in DASD. These dependencies must be recognized as they have a profound influence on software product achievement using DASD. Identification and understanding them support management to timely recognize different types of issues that can cause delay, interruptions or even cancellation of Agile Sprints. DASD being an emerging practice, their understanding also leverages methodical task allocation that can optimize on quality concerns such as cost of development and quality of product.

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