Observation on the Epiphallus and spermatheca in Oedaleus senegalensis Krauss (Acrididae:Orthoptera)



The genus Oedaleus Fieber, is considered as economically important pest. During the present study fair numbers of female Oedaleus senegalensis Krauss were collected and dissected and following observation on spermatheca were noted down. Spermatheca coiled shaped ectodermal duct of origin. Pre–apical diverticulum slightly larger and finger like placed laterally it is rounded at apex while sac shaped Apical diverticulum with broaden, extended with curved process at stand. It is of varying sizes and shapes. Beside this, it was noted that this species is often associated with mesoxerophilic habitats and can be categorized as graminivorous. In addition of this, it has a certain importance because of the damage that it causes loss to consumer crops i-e (maize, bajra, rice, wheat etc), almost seedlings or nursery and un-ripe stages in fields. This species were considered as pest because it causes damage on valuable crops in various parts of Pakistan.

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