Least square Galerkin Finite Element study of Newtonian Fluids Flow through channel with fixed Rectangular Single Baffle



A finite element approximation through commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software COMSOL MultiPhysics is conducted for the incompressible constant viscosity flow of Newtonian fluid through channel with rectangular imposed baffle. The modern code of CFD and the exponential increase of computer power, it is feasible to obtain detail description of fluid flow fields by using COMSOL MultiPhysics. The geometry was simulated below the Mathematical model which governs by the conservation of mass and conservation of momentum by using finite element method. The effect of different fluid inertia is tested to examine the behavior of flow phenomena and presence of vortex in channel with fixed baffle. The vortex structure appeared in the left and right corners of the baffle of the channel and the primary vortex in size decreased with increasing Reynolds numbers and secondary vortex is slowly and continuously enhanced in the right corner of the baffle fixed in the channel. The numerical results will be validated by comparing with the other results available in literature..

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