Testosterone Propionate Promotes Angiogenesis and Nerve Regeneration in Extensor Digitorrum Longus Muscle Grafts



Androgens are renowned for improving the process of skeletal muscle regeneration. They are potent agents for quick reinnervation of nerves and angiogenesis in muscle grafts. So far several studies have reported their anabolic roles in clinical transplantations. In the current study, effects of testosterone propionate (TP) onextensordigitorrumlongus muscle grafts were studied. It was noticed that TP supplementation caused significant increase in blood vessels and nerves diameter along with their walls thickness up to 2nd week. Then there was a gradual decrease observed in the above mentioned pattern till end of 4thweek of the hormone supply. It was found that over dosage caused negative effects on the process of regeneration in EDL muscle grafts and resulted in shrinkage of nerves and vascular supply.

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