Fatty acid profile of the broiler birds’ breast meat fed on citrus waste supplemented feed and bio evaluation assay of the albino rats fed on the feed with antioxidant enriched meat from the Citrus Waste



Citrus is a major fruit crop of the Pakistan and grown on large area as Pakistan is amongst 10 major citrus producers of the world. After juice extraction major waste is lost which is more than 50% of the whole citrus fruit containing valuable antioxidants and essential fatty acids. In current study citrus waste was incorporated with the basal feed of the broilers birds and fed for 42 days. It had been observed that it has positive effects on the fatty acids profile of the broiler breast meat. The degree of unsaturation of the meat fats increased as the citrus waste proportion in the feed of the broilers was increased. Moreover, the breast meat of the birds with citrus waste effect was freeze dried and the freeze-dried meat was incorporated in the feed of the albino rats to assess the effect of antioxidant rich meat on the lipid profile of the rats. It has been observed that total cholesterol and triglycerides of the rats decreased as the meat level in the feed of the rats was increased, high density lipoproteins of the albino rats increased with the increase in meat level and meat incorporation has non-significant effects on low density lipoproteins of the rats.

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