A Comparative Analysis of Actual System with Simulation based Model for Solar/Wind Source (A Solution To Electrical Shortfall and Global Warming)



This paper presents a comparative analysis of a physical model with Simulation for Hybrid Power Generation System. The Modeling and Simulation presented in this paper are based on two renewable sources i-e wind & solar. Both the mentioned sources were utilized with concerned power generation system i-e wind turbine and solar panel respectively. To enhance power generation capacity of solar panel, dual axis solar tracker was designed and significant change in average power generation capacity of solar panel was observed. As dual axis solar tracker was capable of inclining the solar panel to the sun throughout the year with servo based maneuvering to reciprocate minor changes in sun’s position during summer and winter. The paper is concerned with profound study regarding deviations in system parameters with variance in environmental parameters i-e insolation and temperature for solar source and velocity of wind along with Betz limit for wind source. It was made tangible by considering almost all the parameters involved in actual power generation to be included in simulation of the system and the results obtained from simulation were compared with those of real system & notable results were achieved with negligible differences in both actual and simulation based model.

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