A Proposed Futuristic Framework for utilizing image Super Resolution Algorithms over mobile cloud Computing Platform



Super resolution imaging is to get high quality picture details either from multiple input images or from a single image. Currently researchers have developed several super resolution techniques to improve image quality. With evolution of broadband wireless technology and mobile device industry, the Mobile image processing has attracted researchers concern towards itself. In this paper we proposed a framework which focuses on utilizing Mobile Cloud Computing platform for the use of super resolution algorithms. Both super resolution imaging and mobile cloud computing are the most spotlighted research areas nowadays, so we intend to merge them in a way that researchers can get benefit from both of them. Super resolution algorithms (POCS, IBP, MAP, etc) are executed on the Cloud server, the mobile user will only to send the request (low resolution input images) to the cloud server, which will process his request accordingly and then send the high resolution image to the mobile user. The experimental results performed show the realization of our proposed framework.

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