Designing and Optimization of Frequency and Beam Steering Reconfigurable MPA Antenna



In this paper single band antenna is converted to dual band reconfigurable antenna. The converted antenna is reconfigurable in both dual band frequency agility (with central frequencies 912 MHz and 1102 MHz) and radiation pattern. The direction of the main lobe is being varied in both E and H planes with the change in the switches’ states. The Antenna’s re-configurability in frequency is obtained with the use of two copper tapes acting as switches between the four copper annealed patches which are embedded on FR4 substrate. There is no need to change the material or dimension of the antenna to turn it into reconfigurable but the antenna is showing the reconfigurable properties only by changing the internal structure of the antenna using the switches. The antenna is fed by coaxial cable which is connected with SMA connector. The dimension of the designed antenna is 100 mm × 100 mm × 33.4 mm. The reconfigured antenna is optimized to get maximum directivity 1.687 dBi in H Plane at angel 0ºwhen the area of substrate is 90 mm ×90mm and the area of patch is 43.2 mm × 43.2 mm. The CST MW studio is used for design of antenna and simulating the results. The structure and dimensions of the antenna’s components paly important role in antenna design and improving the antennas’ parameters the future work is recommended to use diode switches in place of copper tapes to make an antenna reconfigurable.

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