A Review of Machine Learning Application in Botnet Detection System



The purpose of this study was to review various machine learning techniques for Botnet detection system by looking at their advantage and limitation, and propose our Botnet detection system. In this paper, we summarized different machine learning techniques used in previous research. Recently, machine learning has become prominent in developing Botnet detection system especially peer to peer Botnet, and most of them are capable to detect decentralized Botnet. Further study has been made on Fuzzy Expert System (FES) and Self Organizing Map (SOM) techniques because we believe both techniques have the capability to fulfill the features required in our Botnet detection system which are autonomous, high accuracy and real time detection. Then, there will be method proposed for future work. The method is divided into six phases and in the future, we will conduct the experiments to assess and prove the effectiveness of these techniques in Botnet detection system.

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