Comparative Emission Analysis Of Bituminous Coal, Sugarcane Bagasse and Rice Husk



Coal is largely used as a fuel for power generation. However, combustion process of coal is accompanied by the release of anthropogenic emissions. If sugarcane bagasse and rice husk are used as alternative fuel to bituminous coal in electrical power generation process the amounts of harmful emissions can be minimized. Sugarcane bagasse rice husk are produced as by-products from sugarcane and rice commodities in respective industries this paper analyses combustion processes of bituminous coal, sugarcane bagasse and rice husk and the amounts of CO, CO2, SO2, Nox released in grams per kWh of electrical power generation. A comparative analysis of bituminous, sugarcane bagasse and rice husk is carried out in order to determine estimated amounts of emissions releasing from these fuels in order to evaluate suitability of either of fossil or biomass fuels. The results of the analysis are promising in terms of remarkable difference in the amounts of these emissions released during their burning processes.

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