Impact of Smart Gadgetry on Flexibility, Permeability and Job/Life Satisfaction of Professional Women in Telecom Industry



The purpose of this research was to check the impact of connectivity on border strengths and resultant effects on job/life satisfaction. Quantitative research methodology was used to conduct this research. World recognized questionnaires were used to cater for reliability and validity issues. A sample size of 325 respondents was collected through self-administered questionnaires. Only 175 questionnaires were found usable. Combination of stratified sampling and random sampling was used to collect data from women in Telecom Industry from major cities of Pakistan. Statistical analysis was performed in SPSS. Questionnaire used Likert scale so ordinal data was computed to get continuous variables. Regressions were performed to determine the direction, magnitude and causal relationship of the variables. Results proved that connectivity of work/home blurs that border strengths. This boundary blurring impacts the job/life satisfaction of the professional female workers. Policies need to be formulated to avoid this blurring and enhance family/job satisfaction of this important work force of these organizations.

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