A. A. Soomro, N. A. Memon, M. S. Memon


Computer revolution is being implemented in each field, each system. In which real world experts are now switching to the computer and its expertise for reducing time, space tradeoff and take a lot of benefits in their fields. On the other hand computer scientists are exploring the things, which are not implemented by the computer. E-HSS is the online Medical system, where whole the process of the hospitalization is being implemented through internet, This is a WEB APPLICATION which can be a good solution for the medical field , where the Doctors and patient are too far with each other , but the system which interact to patient be a computer  and  performs the diagnosing of disease which is DISEASE RECOGNITION by selecting symptoms, and then symptoms are checked from the knowledge base for the recognition of the disease and suggests treatment of disease, It also includes the information portion DISEASE INFORMATION containing list of diseases where user can view the disease, it also contains the LABORTARY TEST portion, which physically doesn’t test, but by inserting the resulted values to a particular test, it will check the parameter values of report and make a process to identify disease and tell a solution for the disease from knowledge base.

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