A. Sajid, A.H.S Bukhari, A.W. Shaikh


The communicating nodes in Ad-hoc networks are dynamic in nature if we compare them by the traditional network nodes which appears in any fixed network infrastructure and usually Adhoc networks are deployed in specific environment to achieve certain goals so therefore due to these features security challenges also increases in comparison with other traditional networks or we can say the method used in fixed infrastructure networks is not directly be applied in the case of Adhoc networks. So a short-range wireless channel has security problems that differ from those of more conventional networks. This paper focuses on the security issues concerned with Vehicular networks which are the most emerging forms of Adhoc network now days.  Basically  privacy is the main concerned under the security umbrella in the case of Adhoc networks  because  user  private  data  need  to be protected by the authorities such that from location profiling and from other attacks on their privacy. Goals like system availability and security can be achieved only with the coordination among system operators and car manufacturers so that the faulty units can be identified easily.

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