Meta-Power of the Sacred/Secular and the Politics of Ideological Discourse: A Journey from Global to [g]local

Ms Fiza, Dr. Saleha Nazeer


This paper aims to look at the universal theme of sacred/secular in the context of the ideological paradigm shifts of the world in flux. World is structured by discourse and without any iota of doubt we can see the statistics of discourse in the manner that it has been projected into the psyche of people through the Meta-power along with the social construction of power and knowledge. In addition, ‘general politics’ in this kaleidoscopic world and the ‘regimes of truth’ as marked by Foucault are the product of scientific discourse and institutions, and are reinforced (and redefined) continuously through the education system, the media, and the flux of political and economic ideologies. In this context, the battle for truth is not for the absolute truth that can be unfolded and accepted, but it has become a battle about the rules according to which the true and false are separated and the ambiguous effects of power are established to the value of truth which in itself becomes the quest of sacred and secular. The discursive practice of Meta-power has disseminated the idea that power is wielded by people or groups by way of ‘episodic’ or ‘sovereign’ acts of domination or coercion. The paper will be integrating the Michel Foucault’s discourse analysis with reference to the binary of power/knowledge on one hand, and sacred/secular on the other. Hence, this paper explores the global politics of Metapower and its operation that how the global becomes [g]local and orchestrates the hierarchical politics of economy and ideology.

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