Muhammad Khan Malik, Farah Lalani


The important role of media in any country is its culture and country’s success and principal aspiration of mass media ought to be the human solidity in all its magnitude. What is needed that people could engagethemselves in positive behavior? How to achieve it? The media’s objectives should be by highlighting the problems of citizens and not it could spoil everything by diverting the attention of people from important issues towards insignificant issues to create chaos and confusion among the masses. It is only possible if all truth is brought forward. The international media propaganda that the whole world is a global village with a new time order of living is monetary based slogan. To achieve this profitable/ commercial culture a new name is given to mankind that as common faith of “Civic religion”.  It is further coded/ camouflaged as “democracy” i.e. a “mankind’s religion” mean with “democratic faith” that whole human beings have a common culture and ethics mean “Living style”. The world is in the grip of money- making mass media i.e. woman, wine and wealth ( oriented culture. That is a war against very aim of peace and prosperity of human being. This mass media cultural/ fashion war is only in few powerful companies/ agencies. A Pakistani electronic/ print media’s day and night broadcasting of a fashion is against the Islamic teaching. This broadcast of multi culture invasion has many organized ethical  issues  which  are directly challenging the Islamic values and culture. In this paper to save guard against Islamic culture and Pakistan integrity/ solidarity. The endeavor is made to highlight various aspects of mass media’s ethics invasion. And some remedial measures for countering this media’s culture offensive on divine Islamic culture and Pakistan.

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